Presentation of the not-for-profit organization

Art et Prison France is a charity whose goal is to promote artistic creation in prison. Building a bridge between inmates and society, we wish to encourage the latter to take a new look at incarcerated people. To reach that goal, we develop various activities such as the organization of art exhibitions or conferences. We also support financially art workshops which take place in prisons. Our ambition is, thus, to facilitate reinsertion through art and culture.

You will find on our website a description of our past and upcoming activities, as well as portraits of professional artists working in prison or of artists who revealed their talents behind bars. We wish to honour the people who work every day to bring culture to this environment of deprivation of freedom. The reading tab will allow you to deepen your reflection on this subject since you will be able to discover summaries of books addressing similar questions.

Since it was created in 2014 by Inga Lavolé-Khavkina and Bruno Lavolé, our charity works closely with the German charity Art and Prison which organizes an international art contest for incarcerated people and exhibitions. Art et Prison France now has around fifty membres and a board composed of the director, Bruno Lavolé, the General Secretary, Karin Le Roc’h, the Treasurer, Rudolf Brennemann, and the Head of Communication, Natacha Galvez.

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